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Terrarium Alpha


This is my first endeavor at creating a terrarium from one of my glass bulbs. You probably can’t tell, but there is an opening in the “stem” of the glass orb where I inserted the soil, perlite and the, almost leafless, plant. This terrarium has sustained itself for about 5 to 6 months, and as you can see the plants are doing great.



Terrarium Alpha


Terrarium Crazy


Legoland - tang style

So, I’ve been on a terrarium kick the past 2 months. The newest addition is my own personal Legoland. I’ve also put an updated shot of the Soy Sauce terrarium – it’s getting big.


All the terrariums I make are from old bottles and clippings from my existing plants. There are some more crazy concepts in this category coming your way. Stay tuned!


Soy Sauce plant is reaching new heights

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There’s a plant in my soy sauce


It’s springtime! I’ve been on a¬†terrarium¬†trip lately and I wanted to share my latest. I made this one a week ago and the plant didn’t have a flower. I think flower means plant is happy. This is a recycled soy sauce jar turned plant home. I used organic soil, perlite and some moss. The plant is, what my mom calls, a wondering jew. I’m not sure of this name and if it sounds racist, too bad. So, I guess I could say there is a wondering jew in my soy sauce.

I’m building another terrarium from an old radio tube, a ceiling fan mounting bracket a fish bowl and a few other odds and ends. Hopefully it will work – if so, expect to see it here.

Soy Sauce Plant House

Notice it's the lite version. Yumm!

Chinese Air Take-Out


Look how cool my paper is

When I was a younger fellow I remember my grandfather making kites out of chopsticks and grocery bags. So, to honor that awesome man, I’m going to make some chopstick kites. Here is the first:







Straight edge

Old fabric

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Colored Pencils are Fun


Prismacolor pencils are awesome and they are made in the USA. That’s a double awesome right there. I did this illustration for a project a bit ago. To protect the identity of the client I have blurred their name – there is no way you can tell what that logo is. No way, Jose. There are a couple pieces of this project that were made by two of my colleagues, as well. It was fun.

Mixed media illustrations (oldies) / Free Things


Here are two illustrations I did a while ago. These also used some free stock and some custom art.

Planet Tang


Here are some weird photoshop illustrations I did for fun. These are mini worlds for you to explore. And yes, I did use a filter to help me do these.